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The Department of Media Studies commenced work in 2008 when the first students of BA degree programme of Media Studies were enrolled to study whereas the MA programme in Communication and Media has been taught in the Department since 2011. Teaching and research in the




Research work at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Primorska is carried out within the framework of the Institute for Intercultural Studies (IIS) and the Institute for Archaeology and Heritage (IAH). Their research areas are in line with the humanities and social sciences areas of the Faculty’s study programmes.

UP FHŠ is involved in national and international projects as a leading partner or partner organisation, where, in addition to basic research, it also nurtures its applied contribution to the development of the social environment in which it operates. Faculty staff publish their research results in national and international journals and publishing houses.

In cooperation with the University of Primorska Press, we publish the scientific journal Studia Universitatis Hereditati.


Institute for Archaeology and Heritage

Institute for Intercultural Studies

Unesco Chair

MediaLab Center


Slovenian Scientific Collection for the Humanities
Libri universitatis hereditati
Studia universitatis hereditati
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