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About the study at UP FH

The Faculty of Humanities was founded in 2000 and is a founding member of the University of Primorska. Graduates of the faculty are widely educated and educated humanists and social scientists, which provides them with good employment opportunities. Study programmes are recognizable by the possibility of selecting subjects on their own interest and by studying in small groups, which allows students to cooperate with teachers to the maximum. Our students are not just numbers, but equal interlocutors within the academic community. The faculty has new premises with classrooms equipped according to modern standards.

Undergraduate programmes

Master`s programmes

Doctoral programmes

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To help you get through the first weeks at our faculty and make acquaintances that will help you throughout your studies.

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Information for students

The Office for Student Affairs informs students mainly through the electronic bulletin board (ŠIS), where information is published about events at the faculty, changes within the pedagogical process, library and international novelties and all other important matters related to studies.

Study schedule 2023/24

You can access the schedules of the current academic year via the ŠIS entrance page.

The Calendar Week window shows you the beginning of each semester. You can access your course book by selecting the Years option in the Type window and selecting the enrolled study program and year in the Element window. (example: 1st-year students enrolled in the History study program choose 1ZGO). For each year, the core subjects of the enrolled study program are displayed, while the dates of the selected elective courses (applies mainly to first-year students) can be viewed under the study program in which the course is offered (example: If you have chosen the elective course Introduction to the Study of History, you can find the term of this course at 1ZGO). For easier orientation, see the syllabus of your study program.

When choosing optional subjects, pay attention to the fact that the dates of the subjects on the schedule do not overlap. The courses are mostly semester-long, so you can find them either in the Autumn Semester Schedule or in the Spring Semester Schedule of the current academic year.

Price list and study calendar
Information services

Username and password
All students receive a username that is the same as your enrollment number and a password that applies to all the services listed below when you enroll at the faculty.

In addition to the usual username, which is used for all services provided by the faculty or university, you also get a username with the added domain (if your username was 1234567, your username for eduroam is, with which you can access services in the AAI federation, up to eduroam wireless network and to Office 365.

Password changes
Changing the password is possible through ŠIS in the section MY DATA – Passwords.

The password change will be visible in other services within one hour.

Forgotten password
A forgotten password can be restored by visiting the department of the faculty. You must have your student card or other document with you to prove your identity.

Remote access to articles and other resources
At there are instructions for remote access, with which you can access articles and other resources that are normally only accessible from the network of the University of Primorska.

Wireless network - Eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) is an international federation of wireless networks for users from the educational and research spheres. Students, pupils, teachers, researchers and others can use any Eduroam wireless network, in Slovenia or abroad. To use it, you only need to open your laptop, regardless of where: at your home institution or, for example, at the University of Edinburgh.

The eduroam username is described in the second paragraph of the Username and Password chapter.

To manage the connection, it is necessary to install special software on most devices, which you can get from For Android systems, Eduroam CAT does not yet have an automatic tool, so you need to set up the network manually, instructions are available HERE.

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