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Delavnica »Trauma and Ethnographic Fieldwork«

24. januarja, 2024

Delavnico organizirajo Katja Hrobat Virloget, Nina Vodopivec in Saša Poljak Istenič kot uvod v projekt Etnografije tišin(e) (ARIS J6-50198). Zaradi omejenega števila udeležencev so mesta zasedena. Za morebitno udeležbo sporočite na:

Termin delavnice: 29.1.2014 – 30.1.2024, Maestral 3, UP FHŠ, Titov trg 5, Koper

Predavanja v ponedeljek, 29. 1. 2024:

Kathrin Pabst: Working with the Untold: Approaches, findings and reflections after 200+ in-depth interviews in seven European countries (incl. ethics)

Daniel Wutti: Cumulative, transgenerational and societal aspects of trauma

Nena Močnik: From narrative to embodied research practice

Celoten program v angleškem jeziku

Predstavitev predavateljev (angleško)

Dr. Nena Močnik is Maria Skłodowska Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at GRITIM-UPF (Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration). As a researcher, educator and community worker, she is interested in the topics of collective traumas, identity (gender) violence, and art-based sociotherapy. In her current participatory action research, she explores the rapidly expanding internet and digital realms to offer solutions in reproductive health-related knowledge and community support to refugee mothers in displacement. She is the author of two monographs (Trauma Transmission and Sexual Violence: Reconciliation and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Settings, 2021) and her first book “Sexuality after War Rape: From Narrative to Embodied Research” (Routledge 2017), awarded Bank of Montreal Award in Women’s Studies (University of Ottawa, 2018).

Daniel Wutti, Mag. Mag. Dr. MSc, is a Professor at the Institute for Multilingualism and Transcultural Education at the University of Teacher Education in Carinthia, Austria, and psychodrama-psychotherapist. PhD in social psychology. He is author of publications concerning Trauma and Language in bilingual and multicultural Carinthia and transgenerational traumatisation amongst Slovenes in Carinthia. His recent science focus is on dialogical remembering in the Region Alps-Adriatic. Main areas of work and research: Multilingualism and trauma, inter- and transculturality, social heterogeneity, majority and minority relations.

Daniel Wutti

Dr. Kathrin Pabst is a German ethnologist, researcher, author, and speaker, with broad experience in both practical and theoretical sides of working with challenging, sensitive, or taboo-related subjects. Her PhD in professional ethics focused on moral challenges museum employees might face when working with difficult topics involving external cooperation. She is a former Board member and Chair of ICOM Norway, co-founder and former Chair of ICOMs International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas, IC Ethics, and now a board member of ETHCOM, ICOMs Standing Committee for Ethics. More information and a list of publications can be found here:

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